Perfect Milestones Learning Academy is a community that is committed to embracing each child at each stage of development to promote joy, intelligence, creativity, and resilience.


Our vision is for each child's curiosity, love for learning and care for their environment to flourish. We strive to create a space of peace and respect.

Values & Guiding Principals

All children at Perfect Milestones Learning Academy (PMLA)

  1. have the right to be protected from even the slightest expression of any overt or covert forms of aggression, be it either verbal or actual aggression. 

  2. have the right to an attentive, loving and supporting relationship with the adults who take care of them, who know and respect their individual physical and mental needs. 

  3. have the right to a healthy lifestyle and physical well being: that their diet, clothing, sufficient time spent outdoors and their need for rest are always taken care of; always taking into account their individual needs. 

  4. have the right to receive personal care without haste or rushing, and to experience an individual, personal and gentle treatment in the course of satisfying their physical needs. 

  5. have the right to continuity and stability of their personal relationships, living conditions and material environment, and that the events of their daily life shall be predictable and transparent to them. They have the right to be able to make an impact on their environment, and, through this, to develop a positive image of themselves. 

  6. have the right for their development to be promoted and supported and accompanied with interest by the adults taking care of them, and they have the right for their individual rhythm of development to be respected, and not to be confronted with expectations they are not yet mature enough to live up to. 

  7. have the right to sufficient and suitable opportunities to be self-reliant, to develop through free playing and free movement, and they have the right to explore their environment through their own initiative and to be guided by the adults with interest. 

  8. have the right to receive the support with the help of which they can feel good and safe in a group situation in the process of their socializations in a way they can manage. 

  9. have the right to express their emotions: to feel that their joy is shared, to experience compassion in their sorrow, and to be comforted when in need, as well as to receive support in managing their anger. 

  10. have the right to be supported in their relationship with their families in a way that creates a bridge between the home and PMLA, so that their parents can also track the everyday events of their children's lives at PMLA. All children have the right to feel that, for them, their family is the most important, even during the time spent at PMLA.